SPOTLIGHT: Visual Artist Brock Davis

Brock Davis is an award-winning, multidisciplinary artist and creative director with a knack for creating ground-breaking work.

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Holy shit

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Kris Kuksi’s “Revival.”

Kris Kuksi will be presenting a brand new series of his signature ornate sculptures with the solo show, “Revival,” at Joshua Liner Gallery in New York City tonight - Thursday, November 21st.  Kuksi explains the title of the show as “about re-hashing, re-mixing, re-inventing, and re-creating” ones own ideas and overall society.  The meticulously assembled, mixed media sculptures portray historical, social and biblical themes and keep the eye entertained, for with closer inspections one will find the surface of the work alive with scenes of horror.  Kuksi lives and works in Kansas.  You can see more of the work from the show as well a few details shots below:

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20 years.

better with age



what the fuck


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They say 5th time's a charm right? I've been working on it for some time now. I'm unclear on it myself. I am Meem

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